Fully automatic mounting presses MX400 - (PKG MX400 PRESS AUTO W/40MM MOLD 230V) - DEMO

Product number: MX400-DEMO-55637
  • Robust and unique quick-release fastener for one-handed operation, jam-free embedding and easy cleaning
  •  Only 200 mm system width - record-breaking!
  • Intuitive swipe-and-touch user interface allows you to easily select heating, cooling and pressure parameters
  • Create and save customised methods for absolutely reproducible embeddings
  • Variable modes for mounting sensitive samples using a wide range of mounting media
  • Low thermal mass for fast heating and cooling rates, maximum productivity and energy savings
  • Required heating power ONLY 900 / 1300 watts! High sample throughput thanks to very short mounting times and dual cycle for all sample sizes (30/40/50 mm; 1.25"/1.5")

Production date: 28. October 2022
Serial number: 55637